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Pit Ahmeti

In 1989, Pit Ahmeti aka DJ Pit, moved from Kosovo to Hanover, where his early musical
experiences and influences in the music of the Balkans were rooted in the Oriental
atmosphere. It was in Hanover, where the growing interest in electronic music. Hanomag -
Cyberhouse parties and DJ's at the time, Westbam, DJ Hell, Sven Väth and Marusha. VIVA's
housewife show with Mate Galic, when he first saw what he needs to become a DJ.
It was not long before he bought two Technichs and a mixer and started practicing.
It was at a friend's club where the DJ did not get booked, and he had to play for him.
This experience led him to the idea that he wanted to be a DJ for the rest of his life.
Pit was a regular at parties and visited at least once a month, Record Store as he tied the
first contacts in the scene.
Later he became a resident at Tiffany Club 2000, where he worked for the bookings of DJ 's
care. He was also an integral part of the party scene and plays regularly in clubs and events
with well-known DJs.
It was Alex Nolte, Nils Ohrmann, Ermir Puka and Pit Ahmeti, the idea of Electro-Alb had, a
sort of network of DJ's worldwide long before Myspace. The limited financial resources and
the implementation were the reasons why Electro-Alb was not so successful.
Almost the same actors were the series of events "Weserkraft" founded. Threw a very
successful and memorable parties for 3 years.
Pit experience gained in countries such as Slovakia, Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic and at
festivals such as "Stay Human" Adriatik Underground etc.
During this time he has to create several kinds of electronic music such as House, Deep,
Tech and Minimal to their own style trying. always groovy and never boring.
Pit is dedicated to electronic music and produces his own sound in his own music studio. ..

Michael Ashe

Michael Ashe, and avid musician started his musical journey when he was just thirteen years old with the acoustic guitar. He would play and practice everyday to the likes of old school artists such as Bad Company, Boston, Jimi Hendrix, Bon Jovi, Credence Clearwater Revival, Bob Marley among many others. Since then Michael moved to the bass guitar, learning a lot of funk/jazz and the likes of Jamiroquai were evident in his music at the time. From there Michael Ashe moved to deep house and production. In total he has over 10 years of musical experience, playing a lot live gigs (alongside Deep Suite/Last Minute Blues/Brian SNR/ Dj Mesh Potato. What differentiates him from all the other mainstream djs is the element brining live music into his music, playing either the bass guitar/lead/ acoustic while he plays his sets. The Michael Ashe Radio Show (MARS), hosted by Michael Ashe is a one-hour deep house podcast released once or sometimes twice every month. This is a showcase of not only the latest deep house from around the world but rather a little bit of everything from afro to soulful to minimal, old and new, local and international. 


EB started her career in deejaying on the scene goa / trance in 1996.. After a long past in electronic music as manager, deejay and radio host she came naturally to production with a first release full of promises.


For JustB! It all started on a summer night in an outdoor party in Prague. Baisan heard every drum beat in Carl Cox's set that night, and she could never listen to music the same way again. Since then life has taken her to different places around the world, enriching her musical experience until she decided that it was time to express her own sound. 

With a variation of electronic productions under her belt, some we've heard and some that she's not ready to release just yet, Just B likes to create fresh, original, and timeless music. She harnesses her different moods and expresses them in the way she lays her beats and chords. None of her productions sound alike, ranging in sound from the deep and mellow to the dark and minimal. She knows what she likes and when she's behind the decks, you can hear it in her flow from one track to the next. 

Keep your ears open for more storytelling from JustB!

P. Bit

Phillip is a young gifted boy who grew up having as lot of passion about music he's now 19 years old and he can produce sounds like no body ales business he likes deep house music and had made people dance to deep house in many places in s.a and still on the mission to take over the world .

J Dovy/Kocee/Men from Nobu

profile photo by Xavier Topalian for "Studio le Carré"

Electronic artist  known for his deep-house productions for some labels such as Soul Shift Music, Deep Movements , Ambiosphere or Disco Birds.
Founded the band Different Universes & member from Men from Nobu (ex FueL & Effendi), the releases made in collaboration with his friend pianist Vartan Fau for labels like Nylon Trax, Lokossa Music (owner),
Raw Matter Recordings (owner) & Living 4 the Future Records.


Producer from Polokwane, South Africe, member from Ritual Hub...

Bowyer Hawks

Bowyer Hawks, born Fredrik Hagblom, started DJing under the name DJ Fred or James Hands in 1995 after having been involved in the organization of several clubs in Sweden and in Spain. During several years he was resident at Pajaro 13 and Vibeport in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain), Ritual in Sevilla (Spain), REHAB in Malmö (Sweden). His first interests in electronic music started while studying photography in New York where he was living on and off during the early 90s hanging at clubs such as Nels, Mars, The Tunnel, MKs, Save the Robots. He released his first track, Me and parker in 1999 under the name DJ Fred and James Hands and has co-produced a few more releases under that name.
In 2008 the first release "New Dawn 2008 EP" was done under the name Bowyer Hawks for the french label Original Bass. Later the same year he formed LAW Recodings with Oda Swain, (Marina Le Marié) and "Party Like Them" (LAW) and "The Outer Path" (LAW) were released. In 2010 the 8 track debut album 21st Century Wolf was released.

Ritual Hub

Ritual Hub is a record Label and events organisation based in South Africa. Music is the element that moves us all, whatever genre of music moves your soul we are always here for you, we provide quality music and events that will make you keep coming back for more. From the African Sounds of
DiLamza, deep Tech tunes of Gabini, and magical hands of DJ Lamlite on the mixer we definitely have the best team to keep you glued to the speaker and always on your dancing shoes.
Ritual Hub was found by former member of Pirater Music and DJ Lamlite by the early months of 2012. The two decided to join teams with both their love for music and that is how Ritual Hub Records, both record label and event organisation, was born.

They decided to bring other artists on board, and a super Producer was found Gabini, this young producer blessed us with hits like ‘’Secrets in the sky’’ and ‘’Carl & Raymond’’ etc and we are still going to hear more from him. Another upcoming artist under our wing is the talented vocalist and songwriter
Pirater. She is currently feeding our ears with smoothing African poems and she will be brought to light on our next project.

Sounds of Ritual Hub managed to get recognition from some of major record labels from South Africa and the globe to name a few, Roots Go Deep (SA), Dera Music (SA), Soul Candy (SA) and Raw Matter Recordings (France).
On tweeter @Ritual_Hub_Rec - @DiLamza_RH - @LamliteSA - @Magdelinelamola - @Gabini_SA
Facebook - - - -

Darko Jugovic

Darko Jugovic was born in Rijeka 12th september.
Now lives in a small town named Prnjavor (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Passion for the music he felt while he was still very young.
Initially, the late 80s it was Pop, Disco, Dance.
Until the late 90's Darko feels more passion for House music.
In those years, first started to visit parties, which was then in his city was very small.
2007 he purchased his first equipment and started to organize parties, and to participate in them.
Since then, he listens and works with: House, Deep House & Tech House music.

Benny Montaquila DJ

Benny Montaquila DJ born musically in 1989 with the first tendencies House music.
He worked at  :
Disco Giona Club (Rome)
Mephisto (Naples)
Alter Ego (Milan)
Ship (Florence)
turned with a DJ of international caliber to become producer and to have in active
already an EP that will come out very soon another
Today may use one of his DJ sets on a national circuit Italian
currently working with the label : Soul Shift Music and Raw Matter Recording
Preferred style : deep tech house

Derek Moon

Damascus Mosley took on the moniker Derek Moon in dedication to his uncle and it is also his father's nickname. Damascus has been producing music since February of 2007. He started out doing christian hip hop which he found boring at times. He passed along a demo  to a friend who was a house music dj. Damascus was unaware of the tracks he was making, so he spent nights listening to various forms and genres of dance music. He is developing his skills as a house producer while consistently  using a hip hop format when he creates EDM.

Damascus is influenced by the sounds of deep house and it's smooth and mellow contemplating mood. 

Dimitris Papadopoulos  

Dimitris Papadopoulos is from Greece born at Piraeus in 1984.
Since childhood he likes music very much, his idols are Michael Jacskon and Mick Jagger.
Start to play as a dj music pro at 20 years until now at 29 years old.
He plays at famous clubs and bars at Athens and Piraeus his music style in mainstream music,nu disco,deep house,disco,rock off all decates.
Three years now of involving with music production and remixes.


Beginning his venture in to the multi-genre electronic dance circuit with a free demo version of his first single 'All You'll Ever Need' released on the 12.12.2012, It's no surprise you may not know the name just yet. But bare in mind this vibrant young producer already has 7 years of extensive live touring under his belt with previous outfits, you certainly won't be able to avoid the deep vibes of 'King Pheron' before long. 
Combining Melancholic hooks and driving progressive percussion sections, creative and solid bass lines plus a pinch of swag, 2013 may just see a new rising talent from the well established music hub that is Bristol yet!

Down Tools

Down Tools is Ronnie Badger an “artist” and music producer, making music that might inspire you to dance, whether gently or vigorously, on the dance floor or in your mind, it’s all part of the ebb and flow of a musical journey.

Ronnie believes that rules are there to be broken and that to be truly creative one must attempt to both draw from and stand at a certain distance to the current genre driven music “scene” if music is to have character and soul.

Ronnie makes all kinds of music, and the Down Tools project is an attempt to reign in many of his ideas where the 4/4 beat and groove exists as a centre of gravity around which to express different ideas and emotions.

Ronnie’s ultimate goal (an unending process) is to elevate his music into something artful that the listener can both recognise and wonder at in harmony.

Deep Yall

DJ Rico Owner of Nu Deep Music is a well known DJ / producer who has worked with many labels.
it sounds funky Afro deep house is recognized all over the world, but it started to make music in 1999.
with Mr. Fuzz, and they decided to create a new duo called Grantorino. 100% involved in music,
He also worked on the documentary "Hang The DJ" and selected / mixed tracks for the compilation series Slip'n'Slide "Soul'n'Jazz In The House" and "Soul Food".

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